About Our Services

NK Progress, Inc. is approved by the NYS DOH and has a contract with NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to provide the following EI services:

• Speech therapy for Communication, Speech and Understating speech

• Occupational Therapy for using both hands, for sensory processing, for adaptive skills

• Physical Therapy for gross-motor skills-sitting, crawling, walking, running, jumping, walking stairs

• Special Instruction for cognitive and problem solving skills, for reasoning skills

• ABA therapy for kids with autism diagnosis

• Counseling and Play Therapy for play and social skills

• Feeding therapy to tolerate different food textures and chewing/eating skills

• NK Progress Inc has providers and specialists who speak different languages:


What if my child has a developmental delay?

If you have concern about your child’s development, you can call the New York City Early Intervention Program at 311 to refer your child.

What happens if my child is found eligible?

If a child is found eligible for the Early Intervention Program (EIP), all needed early intervention services are identified in collaboration with the parent and must be authorized by the municipality. You will be able to select the provider agency, or agencies, that will work with your child and family.

What boroughs does NK Progress Inc. provide Early Intervention Program services?

We provide our services throughout the five boroughs of New York City.