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NK Progress Inc. Provides Therapeutic & Evaluation Early Intervention Services at NO COST to you.

Early Intervention Program (EIP) includes:
• Public and Statewide program for infants and toddlers with special needs ages birth to 3 years old.
• Funded and regulated by the NYS Department of Health, and in NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The EIP covers the cost of early intervention services only, and does not pay for day care or other fees charged by community setting

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About Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for infants and toddlers with special needs. Children with diagnosed conditions that lead to developmental delays are eligible for the EIP.

If you have concerns about your child's development, you can call NYC EIP at 311 to refer your child. If you wish, Amerimed can help you make the referral. Eligibility for the EIP can be determined only by NYS DOH approved evaluators under contract with the municipality.

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Web Resources

Below are some helpful web resources:

• Autism Speaks: www.autismspeaks.org

• Autism Society: www.autism-society.org

• Behavior Analyst Certification Board: www.bacb.com

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Autism Spectrum Disorders): www.cdc.gov

• The National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Family: www.zerotothree.org